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The Department of Education and Skills carried out assessments on the Castlemill Education Centre and Flemington Community Centre, external precautionary measures in the form of a fence around the building (or part of the building) and protective decking are now in place. Car Parking has been reduced. In the interest of Health & Safety, the access gate for vehicles will be closed during the following times to accommodate pedestrian movement at peak times to the school: 8.25am to 8.55am: Car gates closed, but with four pedestrian entrances available 1.05 pm to 1.35pm Car gates closed , but with four pedestrian entrances available. 2.05pm to 2.35pm Car gates closed , but with four pedestrian entrances available. We appreciate your cooperation and advise users to take extreme care when entering and leaving the Centre. Cars should only be parked in designated parking spaces. For children attending activities in the Centre, they should be accompanied by an adult to the activity they are attending. Many thanks for your understanding. Flemington Community Centre

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